Media and Politics in Europe in 20th and 21st Centuries

A discussion will oscillate around the following topics:

  • the functioning of the media in the different political systems of Europe,
  • the mediatisation of politics,
  • tools and methods used in election campaigns,
  • media in democratic, authoritarian and totalitarian societies,
  • the importance of the media in preserving Europe's tangible and intangible cultural heritage,
  • around political propaganda, information and disinformation - Theoretical and practical aspects,
  • the role of social media in politics,
  • the European Union in the face of disinformation,
  • European versus national media strategies,
  • restriction of freedom of speech in democratic states of Europe,
  • major media events with political impact,
  • censorship in totalitarian and authoritarian societies,
  • language of politics in the media,
  • politicians in the media. Media people in politics,
  • politics in press, radio and television,
  • politics in art,
  • the image of politics and politicians in films
  • and topics suggested by the participants which in any way relate to the theme of the conference.

Applications should be submitted until September 31st, 2021 via the form on the website